Concentration Blog

In my concentration, I want to focus on the theme of graduation. Since it is graduation season and I only have one more year, it leads me to think about my own graduation. Many of my friends including me struggle on our grades and all the extracurricular activities for a better future. I want to express the idea of the tiredness of students during high school and the process of reaching graduation. I will do so by having a model dress casual clothes in casual places but wearing a graduation hat. I want to give out a vibe of anger and hopelessness. I will shoot a series of photos showing the process of being stressful and slowly heading towards happiness and release.


Alternative Process

Alt-process refers to anything done to the photograph that is non-traditional and non-commercial. Photographer Brady Wilks used acrylic gel lift process to create a special kind of texture for his photos. I want to experiment with cutting and pasting parts of my images and printing on different materials. This process interests me because it is basically what can be done in Photoshop, but in real life you can create special textures or alternation easier and something unexpected can happen to. I will probably end up removing part of the photo or mixing components of two photos together. Here are the photos that I want to experiment Alternative process with:



To deconstruct is to separate something constituent parts in order to reinterpret. Some artists destruct an object to find out and express the special meaning of something that people cannot see from outside. Runners on track inspire me a lot, because they have to exhaust themselves throughout the run. I want to deconstruct how they keep themselves from falling apart during a long run on the track with Photoshop. I'm thinking of using multiple exposure to capture the motion of the runner during a race.

Limitation Ideas

My limitation is that all the photos I shot have to be in low light situation. I really like this idea because I personally enjoy the beauty of low light situations. For this project, I am going to try to create images with people's hair, body, water vapor, glass, and cool lamps in a very dark room. I can also try shooting car tracks, astro-photography, light painting, fire-spin, and zoom-bursts.

Here are some inspirational photos for my project: